man at a saturday dental appointment

Many important things in life compete for your time and attention. Choosing between going to work to earn money for your family or seeing your dentist is not one you have to make. Your Lovett Dental Conroe team knows you can’t always see the dentist in the middle of your workday. With convenient Saturday dental appointments, you will find it easier to see a dental professional and get the care you need.

Convenient Dental Services in One Location

You will seldom find the specialty dental services you need at a convenient time or in one place. With a multidisciplinary dental practice, your convenience comes first. This means appointments that are tailored to your schedule. It means going to one location to see your general dentist or a dental specialist.

If your general dentist wants you to a specialist to look at your receding gums, that’s no problem. Rather than dealing with traffic hassles, you simply go down the hall to the periodontist. Your time has value, and Lovett Dental knows that.

If your child needs a dental appointment, you can schedule yours for the same day. Your general dentist and the pediatric dentist practice under the same roof. This makes it easy to show your child the benefits of good dental health. While you’re at it, schedule your teen for their orthodontics checkup.

Need dental veneers? The cosmetic dental specialist works in the same place as your general dentist. You won’t have time to worry over putting off that root canal as the endodontist practices there too. You won’t need directions to a new place to see the oral surgeon next door.

Choose one of our periodontists with specialty certifications when you need ridge augmentation. These and other bone-related dental services need a qualified specialist. We’re committed to providing the dental services you require at any age.

Saturday Dental Appointments

Making a Saturday appointment to see your dental professional for a routine appointment has never been easier. When your family needs emergency dental care, call us. Our office offers emergency dental services care on Saturdays, too.

If you put off getting necessary dental work due to fear, sedation dentistry can help. Your comfort is important. No one should dismiss your worries or concerns. Our caring staff offers sedation dentistry so you can maintain good health.

Your general dentist usually does some orthodontic work and a few root canals. Occasionally, they provide cosmetic dental services. But when you need specialized dental work, you’re referred to the right dental expert.

Choose Convenient Dental Care at Times Best for You

When a dental practice conveniently offers many services, Saturday dental appointments make sense. These extra efforts show we value you, your family, and your time.

Lovett Dental Conroe holds high expectations for your dental care team. This includes hiring only board-certified dentists and dental specialists. You trust your family’s dental health to our dental providers. We do not take that trust lightly, and we are committed to earning it.

We do not expect you to plan dental emergencies during weekday banker’s hours. Additionally, we understand dental emergencies happen at inconvenient times. Should your child knock a tooth out playing outside on a Saturday, call our Lovett Dental Conroe office for emergency care. If your aching tooth morphs into severe pain, call us for emergency care – you do not even have to be an established patient.

Whether you need emergency dental services or a routine appointment, call Lovett Dental Conroe at 936.274.1925 today. Our Lovett Dental Conroe team wants to work with you so we can give your family the dental services you need.