A dental exam is a way for dentists to learn how healthy the structures of the mouth are. Dental exams are recommended at least one time every six months. Coming in for a routine dental exam like this allows for the treatment of problems and preventative work that can minimize oral health problems down the road. At Lovett Dental Conroe, we recommend dental examinations for any time there’s a change in the oral cavity or dental health.

patient getting dental examWhat Happens During a Dental Exam?

Dental exams only take a few minutes, but they provide a wealth of knowledge that dentists need to know how healthy the teeth, dental bones, and gums are. During a dental examination, several things are likely to occur:

  • X-rays are taken to look at the structure of the teeth and the health of the jawbone.
  • A visual inspection is done to look at the health of all areas.
  • Dentists look at the amount of gapping between the gums and teeth if present.
  • A general dental cleaning takes place to remove some buildup.
  • Questions or concerns are answered to ensure any problems are noted.

In most cases, a routine dental exam ends there. There may be some recommendations for improving your dental health.

More Extensive Dental Examination Needs

If there are concerns with dental health, a dentist may recommend a more extensive dental exam. The goal is to look at the health of the teeth, gums, and other structures. For example, some people may have damage to tissues such as the gums or cheeks. It may be necessary to exam or test these areas to determine if there is an infection or concerning factors.

For the teeth, a dental exam typically looks at the overall quality of the teeth in areas such as:

  • How strong the tooth enamel is or areas of break down
  • The amount of support the gums are providing to keep the tooth secure
  • Areas of decay risks
  • The presence of cavities or bacteria buildup
  • The need for more extensive treatment

For those who need more than general teeth cleaning, dental exams may warrant a deep clean. This may be scheduled for some time in the future since it takes longer and requires specialized applications.

This is also a good time for the dentist to make recommendations for preventative dental care. This may include the use of sealants placed over the tooth to protect it from bacteria buildup and cavities. Some people also benefit from fluoride treatments, which can work to build stronger teeth. If decay is present, this may be a recommendation.

Extensive Treatment in a Dental Examination

For some people, a routine dental exam is not enough. A more thorough exam may be necessary when there is a need to remove damaged or decayed teeth. It is also necessary to consider this type of exam when it may be time to invest in general dentistry, such as implants, crowns, or bridges, to improve oral health function.

For those seeking cosmetic dentistry, a dental examination looks at the health of the teeth to ensure they can support the type of cosmetic procedure. Then the right type of application is determined for the specific needs of the individual.

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