man smiling outside, general dentistry conroe txTaking good care of your teeth is more important than many people realize. The general dentists at Lovett Dental Conroe are committed to providing top-quality dental services for your family. Our friendly, professional staff and flexible scheduling make it easy to work dental appointments into your schedule. Contact Lovett Dental Conroe to learn more by calling 936-760-2400.

Keep Your Smile Bright

 These are some of the dental services that you can expect at Lovett Dental Conroe:

General Dentistry Protects Your Future Smile

Visiting your dentist for six-month cleanings is one way to help keep your smile healthy. Brushing and flossing after every meal is another important part of maintaining dental health.

Dental equipment can be costly. While it’s possible to shell out money to own that equipment in your home, it’s not likely that you’re going to use the equipment as effectively as someone who is trained to use it is. Dentists have an array of equipment and techniques that they use to thoroughly clean your mouth. 

There are some places in your mouth that you just can’t reach with a brush or even flossing. If left on its own, plaque can start to build there. Once plaque builds, decay is the next step.

Plaque blocks the enamel beneath it from being cleaned. Bacteria can start to fester beneath the plaque. This bacteria can then start to slowly eat away at the enamel and everything below it. Your tooth starts to rot until it affects your gums as well. This is the start of gum disease. However, you can stave off gum disease by simply visiting the dental office of Lovett Dental Conroe for cleaning and dental exams

Fixing Tooth Problems 

If plaque has already made its home in your mouth, then all is not lost. At Lovett Dental Conroe, we can remove plaque and help your teeth recover its enamel. If your tooth is exposed to harmful bacteria, we can protect it with a cap or crown. This keeps the rot from further eating away at your tooth. It can also slow the spread of gum disease. So, if you have a cavity or the beginning of a cavity, we can help you protect the rest of your teeth.

The same goes for those who tend to grind their teeth at night or due to stress or anxiety. Grinding your teeth weakens the teeth when left untreated. It wears down the enamel on the tooth as well as the tooth itself. It can also aggravate the sensitive nerves that exist at your tooth’s root.

To help prevent the wearing of your teeth, we can provide you with mouthguards. These can be worn at night or during periods of stress. The guard comfortably rests between your teeth, so they don’t grind against each other. It’s an easy process to receive a nightguard. A mold, or impression, is made of your teeth. That impression is then sent to the lab where a mouth guard specifically made for your teeth is created. When it’s finished, the guard will be placed in your mouth to ensure that it fits perfectly. If any adjustments need to be made, then they’re corrected. Otherwise, you’re able to put the guard into your mouth whenever you need it. 

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