Impacted teeth are not uncommon. This term refers to any situation in which a tooth cannot emerge from under the gum or is causing damage to the other teeth surrounding it. It can happen to adults or children. It often requires tooth impaction treatment. At Lovett Dental Conroe, we can provide solutions for this, including impacted teeth removal.

What Happens to Cause Impacted Teeth?

dentist performing tooth removal for impacted teethVarious things can occur that lead to impacted teeth. In most situations, tooth impaction occurs because of the positioning of the adult tooth in the jawbone. In some situations, such as in children ages 10 to 14, the tooth does not emerge in the proper position. That can happen with any tooth but often occurs with adult canine teeth. In this case, we need to treat the condition right away to minimize any only problems.

Another common situation occurs in the wisdom teeth. These are the molars all the way in the back of the mouth. These teeth can often be positioned improperly under the gumline. When they come in, they push the other molars out of the way, causing misalignment across your smile. They may also cause significant pain. Impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. We can often do this early on before they emerge, minimizing damage.

How Are Impacted Teeth Managed?

Commonly, we need to remove the tooth when tooth impaction is occurring. Not doing so can lead to further damage, early onset of decay, gum infections, and pain.

In younger children, we may not need to do this. We may be able to use orthodontic mouthguards or appliances to properly change positioning.

Impacted wisdom teeth removal is typically important. We aim to remove your wisdom teeth before they come in and cause misalignment problems. Impacted wisdom teeth can be safely removed for most people around the age of 18 to 25.

What Happens During Impacted Teeth Removal?

While it may sound scary to deal with tooth impaction, the treatment options are straightforward and very effective. Impacted teeth removal is usually done in a few steps.

  • We take X-rays and create a plan for addressing the teeth.
  • General anesthesia helps you to remain pain-free.
  • The process involves opening the gum, removing the tooth, and applying stitches.
  • It generally takes less than an hour to complete.
  • You’ll have instructions on how to care for your teeth. Your stitches will dissolve in around a week.

Impacted teeth removal is a very important step. When it is the right choice for you, we recommend having it done as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further damage to your smile. Tooth impaction is not uncommon – we can help you with it right away.

What About Other Dental Health Needs?

While impacted teeth are one way we can help you, it is far from the only thing we can do. We may recommend additional services if we think they could further help improve your smile. This may include:

When you need to keep your smile looking its best, turn to a team dedicated to your satisfaction. Impacted teeth treatment in Texas is available to you today. Don’t delay getting a healthy, radiant smile.

You Can Smile Better When You Visit Lovett Dental Conroe

If you have impacted teeth, take action now to fix the problem. Our team at Lovett Dental Conroe can provide a wide range of treatment options for tooth impaction. That includes treating impacted wisdom teeth before they become a problem. Learn more about impacted teeth removal and other dental services we offer when you call 936-760-2400 for help.