Lovett Dental Provides Quality Dentures

Our teeth perform vital functions for our bodies. Tooth decay is a natural process that occurs over time in everyone. Getting excellent dental care with us at Lovett Dental can slow down or stop this process. We recommend that you consider dentures if you have missing teeth. Following teeth removal, the best course of action is for a dentist to give you a new set to cover up the areas where you have missing teeth.

Consider the Options You Have With Denturesdentist working on a pair of full dentures

We all have different needs and wants when it comes to our teeth. Some people are looking for a supportive device that will last them for many years. Others are simply looking for a fast solution. We have false teeth that will be able to suit your needs with the many different types our office makes and offers. Some take longer to make than others. The price range also varies widely. The dentures we provide include implant-supported, conventional, immediate and removable partials.


You may want the implant-supported type if you would like to have a pair that withstands more impact. Our patients find that the implants feel the most natural out of all the sets we offer. This adds to the comfort the patient feels when they insert their dentures. Implants typically do not need adjustment over a period of time. They are fixed in place and hold strong. Other types often move and shift as they do not have the strong supported base that supported implants do.

Conventional False Teeth

Some prefer conventional false teeth due to their affordability. Implants can be expensive and are not always covered by insurance. Conventional false teeth provide high-quality durability. There is a waiting time to receive them. The measurements will be done at our office, and then we will send them to the manufacturer. It typically takes 8 to 12 weeks to get them back.

Immediate False Teeth

Some patients prefer immediate false teeth. We can fit you for them during your first visit to our Lovett Dental Conroe office. These teeth can go over sores that have not yet healed; however, they will need to be taken out and adjusted once the sores have healed up a bit.

Removable Partial

You may want a removable partial if you have only a few missing teeth in a specific area. Removable partials are very convenient as they are easy to take out and adjust. They can help with the function of your mouth as well as prevent any other teeth from shifting.

Other Services and Options Our Clinic Provides

Many patients want other services performed when they visit us. Some of these services can be performed to replace the need for dentures. It is wise to fix problems that can lead to further decay. This can help prevent the loss of other teeth. You can take advantage of our services, such as:

Dental implants can be a great option to replace missing teeth without having to get dentures. Many patients can benefit from preserving their teeth by taking advantage of the options to reverse tooth decay.

Lovett Dental Is Waiting

Lovett Dental has a chair waiting for you. We provide patients with easy and convenient appointments. Our location has one of the most diverse sets of services in the area with over six different specialties. We try to make each patient’s care as comfortable as possible by providing sedation dentistry to those who request it. Call Lovett Dental Conroe today at 936.274.1925 to get your mouth functioning again.