Are you tired of waking up exhausted each morning? Feeling as though you haven’t received enough sleep even though you’ve spent hours in bed could be attributed to nightly teeth grinding. Furthermore, stress and anxiety can worsen the problem, leaving you in an endless cycle of headaches, jaw pain, and even damage to the enamel on your teeth or the need for extensive dental work. Thankfully, nightguards from Lovett Dental Conroe can help minimize the problem and reduce your discomfort.

Health Issues Associated with Teeth Grinding

woman getting fitted for a night guardThere are two main conditions that nightguards can help prevent: bruxism and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. Both are incredibly common and often lead to the need for emergency dental services.

Bruxism is simply the excessive clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth. Most people don’t even realize they do it in their sleep, but the effects can be pretty traumatic if left untreated. Facial pain, cracked or chipped teeth, and even chronic headaches are common indicators of an issue. Nightguards for bruxism help cushion the jaw and keep it in place, reducing the chances of major dental damage while relaxing the muscles in the face and neck for a better night of rest.

TMJ issues are also quite common in those who clench or grind their teeth during sleep. Common indicators of this condition include pain around the face or ears, excruciating jaw pain, popping or clicking when opening your mouth, and more. Specific night guards for TMJ can alleviate muscle tension by specifically preventing clenching.

Also, nightly teeth grinding can lead to other major dental issues. Problems such as advanced gum disease are often caused by the enamel’s early wear, which is worsened by teeth grinding in your sleep. Even children can have pediatric dentistry problems associated with jaw clenching, and the effects can cause issues long into adulthood.

PreventTeeth Grinding with Dental Nightguards

Another area where dental nightguards can really help is with teeth grinding. Not only can this leave you feeling exhausted in the morning with extreme jaw pain, but it can also keep your partner awake at night. In fact, teeth grinding is often cited amongst snoring as one of the main reasons couples sleep in separate spaces.

So, what exactly are nightguards? These cushioned mouthguards are specially fitted for each patient to help prevent jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Custom dental nightguards can reduce pain and ensure you consistently get a better feeling of rest.

Other Methods for Reducing Teeth Grinding at Night

Of course, orthodontic mouthguards can only work so well if you are taking other steps to prevent the problem. Getting a good night of sleep is essential to function at work, school, and in your daily life, so taking extra precautions is also crucial.

For example, remember to cut back on caffeine intake in the afternoon or evenings. Some people are susceptible to the levels found in coffees and sodas, so making a little change like this can greatly impact sleep quality. Plus, it also helps to reduce staining issues that require teeth whitening procedures.

Most experts will also advise you to have a plan for excess stress and anxiety. These two factors are a leading cause of nighttime teeth clenching and grinding that becomes severe enough to require dental nightguards. Try taking up yoga, breathing exercises, journaling, or anything else that allows you to keep the day’s stressors to a minimum.

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