girl holding her Orthodontic MouthguardsIf your child has braces and also plays a sport, you should immediately invest in a mouthguard. Although standard mouthguards and orthodontic mouthguards share some characteristics, they are not the same. You will need a device designed to fit children who wear braces. The following will help you find the right orthodontic mouthguard in Conroe, Texas. Our dentists at Lovett Dental Conroe are available to help you and your child properly prepare to avoid injury during the upcoming athletic season. The top-notch dentists at Lovett Dental Conroe provide dental services in Conroe, Texas, including specially fitted mouthguards for orthodontic patients.

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In addition to fitting our children and adult orthodontic patients with suitable mouthguards, we offer an extensive list of dental services for the entire family. Not only can we help you achieve your ideal smile through orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, but we can also heal and repair problems with your teeth and gums. Our top priority is maintaining your oral health to prevent problems in the future. Our services include:

Orthodontic Mouthguards For Kids Who Play Sports

Most people immediately think of heavy contact sports like football and hockey when they imagine the need for a mouthguard. However, the American Dental Association rates basketball as the sport in which athletes sustain the largest number of mouth injuries. Parents should get mouthguards for children playing most sports. Even in baseball, a ball, bat, or elbow may strike a player in the mouth. Consult our team if your child has braces and will be playing a sport.

Finding Orthodontic Mouthguards That Stay in Place

A mouthguard can only protect as well as it fits, so you and your child need to understand how orthodontic mouthguards for sports work. Many mouthguards float in the wearer’s mouth or require the user to bite down to hold the device in place. These mouthguards are less effective than properly fitted ones and can even be dangerous. The wearer never knows exactly where a floating mouthguard will be at the time of impact. Your child’s pediatric dentist will fit him or her with a mouthguard that does not move when it is in place.

It’s Important to Have Comfortable Orthodontic Mouthguards

In addition to being effective, your orthodontic mouthguards should also be comfortable. While a mouthpiece should not move freely, it should also not press too firmly against the teeth. Braces require space to move the teeth in order to be effective. A mouthpiece that restricts the movement of the teeth prevents braces from serving their purpose. Another advantage to wearing a mouthguard that does not restrict the teeth is less irritation. A properly fitted mouthguard will not rest against your child’s braces and cause discomfort.

The mouthguard should allow enough room for an orthodontist to adjust the wearer’s brackets while the mouthguard remains in place. Your child’s orthodontist will also make sure his or her mouthguard has the proper amount of bulk to absorb shock without restricting the ability to breathe and speak.

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While it may be tempting to try an over-the-counter mouthguard for a child with braces, it is always best to bring your son or daughter to the dentist to receive a fitted mouthguard. We will help your child stay comfortable while playing sports and protect your investment in his or her future smile. Whether you are looking for orthodontic treatment or other dental services in Conroe, Texas, our multidisciplinary team has the experience and extensive training to meet your dental needs. Contact Lovett Dental Conroe at 936.274.1925 to schedule your appointment with us.