Patients come to us with a variety of dental concerns. We often find that patients have a pronounced amount of tooth decay upon our first inspection. Our dentists at Lovett Dental Conroe can fix this problem with a filling in some situations. All too often, however, a patient requires a root canal. While root canals have a bad reputation, the procedure is now almost painless. If we find that you need a root canal, we’ll have to fit you with a crown afterward. A dentist will shave the vast majority of the tooth to dispose of all the decay. We then provide dental caps in Conroe, Texas, to help patients get back their smiles.

There are other reasons why we may suggest a crown for your teeth. Some of our patients have fractured a tooth while chewing or as a result of an injury. You may just want to improve your appearance by fixing a tooth that grew in misshapen or smaller than the others. At Lovett Dental Conroe, we are happy to address all of these concerns.

Various Ways Dentists Use Crowns

Dentists perform a dental implant by using a porcelain bridge that dentists then cover with a porcelain crown. Dental caps aren’t just to cover a natural tooth that is now missing a piece. Lovett Dental Conroe has installed dental caps for patients in several procedures in the Conroe area. Dentists use crowns for dental restoration, fixing wear and tear, covering large fillings, root canals, dental implants, and dental clasps.

We also offer other dental services, such as:

model of jaw and teeth showing dental caps conroe txDecide on a Porcelain Crown With Our Dental Caps

We use porcelain caps more than any other type of crown because of its durability and natural finish. Dentists can often manipulate porcelain to fit the exact color of your natural teeth. These crowns last up to 15 years for most of our patients. Lovett Dental Conroe has seen some that have lasted even longer.

Crowns are even lower maintenance than your natural teeth. You will still need to brush and floss dental caps like natural ones; however, they have no vulnerability to decay. They are also extremely strong. Chipping is extremely rare when it comes to porcelain crowns.

How We Perform Dental Caps

One of our dentists will first examine the left-over tooth. After this procedure, dentists will take a mold of your teeth. This will allow us to fit you with a temporary crown. We then send the mold to a local lab that does dental crowns in Conroe, Texas. The lab then manufactures the porcelain one. Next, the lab ships it back to us in about one or two weeks.

During placement, dentists will put the crown on the tooth without any glue. This will allow us to see how well it fits before we glue it in. If the crown is not an exact match, we will shave it down to fit the tooth better. Dentists may need to shape the natural tooth to fit the crown. We use a local anesthetic during the procedure. Dentists will then fix the crown permanently once it fits properly. We provide professional and efficient dental crowns in Conroe, Texas, by trying to get your crown in as quickly as possible.

We Offer Quality Service

At Lovett Dental Conroe in Texas, we provide you with a convenient location for all your dental needs. Our porcelain crown service is fast, and we perform the procedure with the utmost care. We strive to provide you with quality service. We also strive to ensure that our work lasts more than a decade. Call 936.274.1925 to see if one of our crown placement procedures is right for you.